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Trouble Shooting

Water Testing

Usually if your water is acting up it is caused by a chemical imbalance. Balancing chemicals is one of the most important things you can do to ensure the longest life possible for your liner, plumbing and mechanical mechanisms.

If your water is cloudy, tinted a color other than blue, or your skin is becoming irritated when you come in contact with your pool or spa water it is best to check your water chemistry.

We offer a couple solutions. We can test your water for you. Our test will offer the most accurate results of your pools water chemistry. We can also assist you with fixing the problem.

If you want us to test your water, we ask that you bring in a sample of water that is at least 2 cups about elbow deep in the water and away from the skimmer and return jets. We ask that you bring it straight to us if possible (the longer it sits out in your car the less accurate your results can be)

We also sell test strips for Chlorine, Bromine, Nature II and Salt sanitized pools and spas so you may test at home weekly.

Pump Care/Start up

Your pump is one of the most important items of your pool or spa. When you are starting your pool as a first time owner or for the first time in the spring you need to prime the pump. You can fill your pump basket using a bucket (for abovegrounds) or fill it with the garden hose until it won’t take any more water without overflowing, screw the lid on quickly and tightly and flip the switch to the lower setting for the pump to filter all the air out and create a suctioned pull from the pool. Do not run your pump dry, you could ruin your motor.  If water does not start to flow within 30 seconds, shut pump off and refill pump basket with water again.  Make sure ALL o-rings are lubed before doing anything else.  Filter and union o-rings included.  DO NOT use a petroleum based lube.  Vaseline is NOT a good lube to use.

If your pump leaks, we carry seals, impellers, and o-rings to repair those leaks. We can replace them for you or you can replace them yourself.

For winter closing tips we offer closing classes, and step-by-step packets to help you with caring for your pump for the winter.

Filter care/start up

Your filter is a huge component to your pools cleanliness.

Sand Filters: If you have a sand filter you should change your sand every 2-5 years, depending on the usage of the pool and how frequently you have algae. If you notice that the clarity of your pool is not as clear as it should be after balancing your water chemistry, check your filter pressure gauge and make sure you are getting good return pressure.  If you are, then you may need to change your sand.  If you look on the tag on the side of your filter, it should tell you how much sand is need.  If you cannot find that information, you may call us with a model number and we can tell you. After you scoop all the sand out of your filter (be careful of the laterals!) you need to check your stand pipe and laterals inside of the filter to make sure that none of them have any cracks in them (otherwise you will be shooting that fresh sand straight into your pool!). Before adding the new sand, make sure that you completely cover the laterals with water so that the sand does not damage them as you pour it in.  This will allow the sand to float to the bottom of the filter instead of hitting the bottom.  If all of this seems too much for you to remember or you just don’t have enough time in the day, call us and we would be happy to come out and do it for you.

Please call for pricing. (231)777-2655.

We also have a step by step sheet available in our store if you would like to stop in.  It will walk you through the steps of opening your swimming pool in the spring.  Or we have a pool closing sheet and class that is free to attend to help you close your pool properly in the fall.  Please let us know how we can help you.

Cartridge Filters: Cartridge filters are known for their ease of use and maintenance. If your pool seems to cloud up with your water chemistry in its proper levels, then it might be time to clean or replace your cartridge. We carry several cleaners to soak your cartridge in to loosen the partials and oils left behind that will easily wash off with your garden hose. If you don’t want to hassle cleaning your cartridges, we can do that for you! (Call for prices (231)777-2655)

If your cartridge is in bad shape or beyond cleaning, we can order you a new one. Usually there is a number on top of the cartridge (Most of them start with a C-) If there is no number on your cartridge, then you can bring in your cartridge and we will do the measuring and ordering for you!

Any questions? Feel free to call and ask any additional questions.

D.E. Filters: (Diatomaceous Earth) Usually D.E. filters have finer filtration then the other filters listed above. They include V grids or Disk Grids with a fine mesh covering and you pour D.E. powder to refine the filtration. Usually when you are experiencing problems with your D.E. filter you either need to rinse off your grids with your garden hose or a power washer, be careful not to exert too much water pressure as to where you would rip the mesh or crack the plastic grid inside. If your mesh is already ripped, or the grid is cracked, it is time to replace them. We can order new grids and we commonly carry D.E. powder in the store. Any questions not answered in this section? Call us! (231)777-2655