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A pool in the backyard can be as exciting as a tropical getaway! Pool parties, family get together’s and  relaxing summer days are all perfectly spent in your own backyard. Planning on purchasing a pool? Consider your backyard as a blank canvas and you can create a personalized masterpiece! We can accommodate you from a standard pool to all the bells and whistles you can handle.  Remember, THIS IS YOUR OWN CREATION, WERE JUST HELPING YOU BUILD IT.

Already have a pre existing pool? Additions are as easy as 1-2-3! New liner- new light, slide, diving board or coping and you have created a whole new atmosphere to show off! There are so many different things that you can add to update the look of your pool weather its an above ground or an in-ground! Have questions or ideas? Stop by or call us (231-777-2655) and we will show you what can be done.


Aregetsiner 21'x41' Aboveground Above Ground Construction:

 We sell NEW and USED above ground pools. The kit includes everything you need to get your pool up and running. We will work with you to make sure that your pools is the way you want it, not what would be easiest or fastest for the installer.

We are not cookie cutter installers. Please call us for more information (231)777-2655. *Check out our bargain corner for deals on used pools!!*

There are many sizes available:

12’ Round 12’x24’ Oval
15’ Round 15’x30’ Oval
16’ Round 16’x32’ Oval
18’ Round 18’x33’ Oval
21’ Round 18’x34’ Oval
24’ Round 18’x36’ Oval
27’ Round 18’x38’ Oval
30’ Round 18’x39’ Oval21’x41’ Oval



In-ground Construction:

We build in-ground vinyl liner pools. You can choose from many shapes and sizes, steel wall or poly walls, traditional shapes or free form. We do sport pools, wading pools or deep swimming pools. We can give you full support after your pool is installed with our retail store that is open seven days a week, year round (excluding some holidays) We can help you with water chemistry, pump and filter questions, leaks, opening and closing your pool or anything else that you may have questions about. Come in and see us!

Insurance Estimates/New home purchase:

We do insurance estimates for both above ground and in-ground pools.  Or maybe you need a swimming pool estimate for a new house that you are buying that already has a pool and you want to make sure everything is in good working condition, we can help.  Call us and let us come out and take a look.  (231)777-2655




Liner Replacements:

We do In-ground and above ground liner replacements.  Is your liner loosing water or maybe just faded from years of sun and chlorination?  Did you drain your vinyl liner and now it has shrunk up and will not go back in? We would like to be the company you call for a new liner.  We have great pricing and many patterns to choose from.   Call (231)777-2655