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Safety Covers

If you have an In-ground or aboveground pool and have small children or animals, you may have the concern of them falling in the pool.   No matter what time of the year, the pool being used or not, safety is always important. The solution is easy, a safety cover! You insert anchors into your deck or concrete (which can become flush with the concrete or deck when not in use) and youSean's Pool & Safety Cover 2006 hook the sides of the safety cover to the anchors. It stretches over your pool to create a “trampoline” effect (IT DOES NOT SERVE THE SAME PURPOSE OF A TRAMPOLINE) some of these covers are strong enough to withhold the weight of a full grown elephant so a small child, animal or adult would be safe from falling into the pool.

Sean's Safety Cover


Safety covers are also designed to be used for a winter cover. They also keep debris and other undesirable items out of your pool.




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