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Winter Covers

Winter covers are the most important thing that you need to protect your pool for winter and help maintain a clean pool for your spring opening. They keep debris and other unwanted items out of your pool as well as blocking sunlight from entering the pool minimizing the changes of algae growth during the winter. In some cases, people use an ordinary tarp to protect their pool. In the spring they realize that the water froze in the  pool and the Ice ripped a hole in the tarp. This ruins the tarp and can also dammage the liner.  Leaves, sticks and other debris get into the pool, as well as allowing light to reach the water causing agle growth.  This is a costly mistake, usually running hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace a ripped liner, clean up the water and replace your tarpe.  Avoid costly messes by purchasing a safety cover or a pool rated winter cover.  Please come in or call us for current pricing.

 Bad Idea For WinterGood Idea For Winter

Please call for sizes and pricing.