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We have many ways to heat your pool ranging from solar covers to heating units.


Solar Panels

You can install the solar panel on the side of your pool or on the roof of your shed or  garage in usually around 30 minutes!

Liquid Solar Pills

These pills come in two sizes.

Small- Treats 12,000 gallons for one month.

Large-Treats 30,000 gallons for one month.They don’t leave any scummy residue and prevents water evaporating to maintain heat in your pool.

There is also a liquid solar blanket.  You just add a couple of ounces once per week to help maintain your water temperature and it also prevents evaporation which saves you from adding water, so no heat loss from the fresh water and not chemical adjustments. 





Gas Heaters

You can kick up the heat as much as you want with a gas heater. They run on either natural gas or propane.  The gas heater is a big step up from the solar pills or solar panels.  The heater will gain a minimum of 2 degrees per hour to give you many warm swimming days no matter what the weather is out side.