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Your filter is a HUGE influence on the clarity of your pool water. Sand filters, Cartridge filters, and D.E. filters (Diatomaceous Earth) are the three medias of filtration.

D.E. filters are the best source of filtration; however, they require more maintenance than the other types of filters. Because they have mulitple grids for water to filter through they filter down to the smallest particals. You also add D.E. powder to the filter to aid with filteration. The powder is made of crushed shells along with other excellent filteration helping ingredients.


Cartridge filters are the best filter for your money. There is no backwashing required; therefore you aren’t losing any water when you clean your filter. (Check the filter care/start up trouble shooting tab for requirements to order a new cartridge.)



    Sand filters  are the most common form of  filtration that require the least amount of maintenance, however, they don’t filter as fine of partials as the cartridge and D.E. filters. The Sand filters are also the simpilest set up and tear down when it comes to understanding how your filter works.  


For proper start up, cleaning or troubleshooting for your filter click Trouble Shooting